Ric Mixter

Documentary Filmmaker and Historian

Historical Documentaries:
Sunken Treasure  2012
Offshore Outposts 2011
Cement Boat  2009
Bombs Away  2008
Cutter Rescues  2006
Final Run: Storms of the Century  2005
Safe Ashore: The 1940 Armistice Day Storm  2004
Great Lakes In Depth  (26 episodes on PBS and the Outdoor Channel) 2000-2001
Deep Six: Titanics of the Great Lakes  1998
The Edmund Fitzgerald Investigations  1997
Expedition ’94 to the Edmund Fitzgerald  1995
Best Adventure Yet  1993

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About Ric


Millions of television viewers recognize Ric Mixter as a shipwreck researcher, diving over 100 shipwrecks in the Great Lakes, including the Edmund Fitzgerald. He has produced over 30 programs for PBS and the Outdoor Channel, and appeared as a shipwreck expert on the History and Discovery Channels.   He leads the pack when it comes to sharing our unique underwater resources with the general public, and thousands of dive show patrons and countless school kids know him as the energetic story teller who uses video like no other presenter can. 

Ric served as SCUBA cameraman on underwater expeditions to the Great Lakes largest shipwrecks, the Edmund Fitzgerald and Carl D. Bradley.  He has interviewed dozens of shipwreck survivors over the past 15 years, including two from the 1913 Storm, two from the 1940 Armistice Day Storm and survivors from the largest shipwrecks in lakes Michigan, Huron and Erie.  Today he runs his own production company, Airworthy Productions.   He’s been Emmy nominated and has taken several awards including the Addy, Aurora, Michigan Association of Broadcasters Best Use of Medium, AP, UPI and was the 2007 Vescio award winner for a video on mental health advocacy.  With over 20 years of stories on historical preservation, Ric was awarded the 2009 Award for Historic Interpretation by the Association for Great Lakes Maritime Historians.  In 2011 he was elected to their board of directors.  Ric is also a two-term president for the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association and a board member of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society.

Mixter is a private pilot- flying not only single engine planes, but also has flight time in several military jets.  These include the US Air Force’s Thunderbird F-16 Falcon, and over 100 hours of camera work in the B-52 Stratofortress.  He’s flown in the Goodyear Blimp and countless biplanes and aerobatic aircraft and has also jumped several times from over 12,000 feet as a skydiver.  Ric also adept to filming in helicopters, from flying over the jungles of Honduras with the Army, to being lowered in a rescue basket into Lake Huron by the Coast Guard.

Ric has also been featured in several books including Fitzgerald’s Storm by Dr. Joe MacInnis, Voices of the Lakes by Steve Harrington, and Wreck of the Carl D. by Michael Schumacher.  His motivational story was also profiled in a feature-length documentary by Beacon Media in 2009 called “Anything But Ordinary”.   He also tours the Great Lakes region as a motivational speaker at schools and colleges and was accepted as a Michigan Arts and Humanities touring story-teller in 2009.

Audiences can't seem to get enough of Ric Mixter.  He has toured the midwest at dive shows, libraries, museums and concerts.