The Storm of November 28, 1905

1905’s deadly autumn was drawing to a close when another gale blew up on Lake Superior.  By November 28th, several ships were destroyed or aground- ranging from northern Lake Michigan to Two Harbors, Minnesota.  The steamer Mataafa had circled back around to seek shelter in Duluth, but slammed into the breakwall and broke in two.  Her forward crew were rescued by lifesavers, but nine crewman in the aft section froze to death before help could get to them.  Nearer to Two Harbors, several ships had slammed into shore.  The barge Madeira broke loose from the steamer Edenborn only to crash into Gold  Point.  A crewman scaled the 60 foot cliff to send a rescue line down and rescue all but one of his fellow crew.  The Edenborn grounded and was released some time later.  Madeira’s bow snapped off and the entire wreck slipped beneath the waves.

Only a few miles away the steamer Lafayette lost control and ran onto Encampment Island.  Its barge, Manila, had the same fate.   Also destroyed were the George Spencer and schooner Amboy.  The Monkshaven crashed into Pie Island near Port Arthur and the steamer Vega snapped in two on a reef on South Fox Island in Lake Michigan.  Many ships were simply grounded and released for further service.  The Crescent City crew simply walked ashore after hitting the rocks.  It was jacked up and released into deeper water.  Even the Mataafa would see life after the storm.  It actually rescued two crews during gales in 1912 and 1918.  The ship was scrapped in 1965.  Edenborn became a breakwall near Cleveland.