DVD - Final Run


DVD - Final Run


​DVD - 60 min. with special bonus features.

Dive the wrecks and hear exclusive interviews from the worst storms to ravage the Great Lakes.

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The worst storms to hit lakes Superior, Huron, Michigan and Erie. Includes survivors from gales in 1913, 1940 and the Daniel J. Morrell. Music by Dan Hall! 

This Special Edition DVD is loaded with extras like interactive dive sites on the Wexford, Pretoria, and Merida. Also behind the scenes photos and information and a special video on the history of whaleback ships.

The 1905 Gales-

 The story of the Pretoria, Sevona, Lafayette, Mataafa, Madeira and others.

The 1913 Storm- 

Eyewitnesses Ted Bullard and Ed Kanaby sailed through the "King" of storms.  Kanaby was the last to see the Wexford, Price, Regina and Isaac Scott before they sank.

Black Friday, 1916

Sail aboard a whaleback freighter during a lake gale.. and witness the final moment of the Butters as it settles to the bottom of Lake Erie. Four ships were lost.. and 3 Captains were spared. Click on the interactive dive-site to visit the remains of the giant Merida, lost with all hands during the storm. Then tour a whaleback freighter to see what they look like inside. 

Armistice Day 1940- 

Hear from the men who sailed through the storm aboard the Novadoc, and witness their rescue in exclusive footage from November, 1940. Hosted by Ric Mixter, over 60 minutes in length