DVD - Deep Six


DVD - Deep Six


DVD - 60 min. with special bonus features.

Explore the largest shipwrecks on the Great Lakes!

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Ric Mixter's profile of the largest shipwrecks on the lakes has been updated with all new Special Features! This program features the six largest ships ever lost on the lakes:

The James Carruthers

Only 6 months old when it was sunk by the 'king of storms' in 1913

The William Moreland

Torn in two off the Keweenaw Peninsula.. it's stern would become a whole new ship! 

The Cedarville

The first time the story of the foggy collision was told in a video! Features incredible animation of the ship's final moments, and interviews with the men who survived the 1965 disaster near the Mackinac Bridge. 

The Daniel J. Morrell

Dennis Hale's amazing survival after his ship ripped in half and sank in two sections, almost five miles apart! 

The Carl D. Bradley

Frank May's 36 hour ordeal on a liferaft with his shipmates. Only he and Elmer Fleming would survive Lake Michigan's fury. Includes the first images recorded of the wrecksite! 

The Edmund Fitzgerald- 

See newly released footage and hear from experts on why the ship went down. 

Hosted by Ric Mixter, the only diver to record underwater expeditions to both the Bradley and Fitzgerald

Special Features include a look at Lake Erie's largest shipwreck, the James Reed. Also included: Never-before-seen footage of Bradley in drydock, Pictures from the Coast Guard investigation of the Daniel J. Morrell, new underwater footage of the Moreland and behind the scenes shots of the making of this groundbreaking video. 60 minutes long